The BDS Company, Bigbsbds, inc.

OUR GOAL is to be an honorable global media empire that can create business opportunities and media outlets for partners, friends, and family of our brand.

OUR PURPOSE is to provide the missing links necessary to fulfill any and all performance arts and entertainment tasks of allied businesses, organizations, and corporations. We aspire to inspire people of the world to network, be creative, innovative, and ideal citizens. Thanks to our daily growing network of contractors, along with our talented staff, we can and will provide consultation on event and/or business planning and media related tasks. We then provide the proper personnel to execute projects with intentions of exceeding satisfactory standards.

Simply Put… We offer consulting services for the Design, Entertainment, & Advertisement fields of media and multimedia services and then execute the most feasible and sufficient contract. No idea is too large with the proper funding to back it and The BDS Company is open to all corners of service. Let’s talk.

OUR NAME, BigBsBDS, Inc., as of August 9, 2013 is legally registered with the United States Government as a functioning servicing and consulting company. BigBsBDS, Inc. is also registered with Ariba, EVA, and SWAM. The name, “BigBsBDS”, today breaks down to two specific phrases, “Big B’s for BlaZeBDS. The Blessed Don’t Sleep…” and “Big Blessings. I’m Blessed. Don’t Sleep.” BigBsBDS, Inc. also operates as alias The BDS Company (The Blessed Don’t Sleep Company).

OUR HEADQUARTERS is based in Virginia under the supervision of CEO, Gregg “Papii” W., a creative director, writer, choreographer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, public speaker, DJ, MC, and consultant from East Orange, New Jersey and former student of Bloomfield College and Virginia State University.

PAPii’S VISION is that The BDS Company, BigBsBDS, Inc. will be an expanding marketing empire leading the ‘new school’ of urban to worldwide media. Exhibiting the performing arts (dancing, acting, singing, etc.) at the top most respected levels of ‘the industry’, The BDS Company will use fields such as radio, television, Broadway, the internet, cinema, and anything new to reach as many homes of the general public as possible. BigBsBDS, Inc. (Big Blessings I’m Blessed Don’t Sleep), also known as, The BDS Company (The Blessed Don’t Sleep Company) will use entertainment to instill consistent positive morals and hope to the children and young adults of the world.

Let’s talk.


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