This seems to always be a reoccurring topic…

It’s a fact that all family can not “handle business” and no man or woman can prove to me different. Before continuing, let’s let the definitions of Family and Business be brought to the table.

FAMILY (noun)

Webstar Definition: 1. a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. 2. all the descendants of a common ancestor.

PapiiBDS Definition: 1. a group of people related through the same blood line and/or upbringing.


Webster Definition: 1. a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade. 2. the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce.

PapiiBDS Definition: 1. a formal organization aimed to be a profession, usually for means of living.

TODAY’S POINT. Nov. 1st, 2013

Accepting Family as Family vs. Accepting Family into the Business sounds like an elaborate discussion, but is not that difficult a topic to me. I mean, family is family. Whether I accept an individual as a family member of mine doesn’t change if the person is by definition already family. It only expresses my personal feelings towards that person. At the end of the day, if your family is disruptive or perfect, it is still a family. I can’t choose who is going to be in my family, GOD makes that decision for me. I’m an asshole to not recognize and accept someone who is definitely family as family. Regardless of any personal vendetta or feelings. Business is a lot more serious when it comes to accepting an individual to represent it. Your business image and credibility is affected by each individual member like the safety of a bus in affected by each individual tire. . . TO BE CONTINUED. . . when I got time to write more.

So I FoUnd More Time To WRiTe. Nov. 2nd, 2013

In business, if one man can fuck up an investors impression of your Business, it’s rare the proper representative  can get a new opportunity to clean up his or her tracks. One would argue that also is the case when representing your Family. But, to that I say, you can choose who handles your Business, not who is technically your Family. Structured families even can control or monitor the rebel of the Family. Other families embrace rebellions with open arms. In your family, I would assume there’s people of all types; the good, the bad, the evil, the gorgeous, and the ugly and some accept others, while some may not accept them all. With the Business, EVERYONE is to act on one accord. Three members of the business shouldn’t have three different answers to what the Business is ultimately about. “WHAT IS THE PURPOSE?!” The Business can run with a set of bylaws. What is a bylaw?

Webster Definition: 1. a rule made by a company or society to control the actions of its members.

PapiiBDS Definition: 1. the shit you just don’t do if you want to survive on the team or in the Business.

In Business, there is always someone who can ‘pull the plug’, set a bylaw, direct/order, or teach. Always. A Family may not always have that luxury. The opportunity of a family’s bloodline ending is identical to the thought of there being no more reproduction of human life on planet earth. Although there’s plenty of situations where a man or woman may feel and be completely alone, in literal terms in regards to the PapiiBDS Definition of Family, we all have Family somewhere here on earth. Does that mean your Family is all equipped and qualified to handle your Business? If so, do you assume they have the same drives as you and have the same understanding of the core purpose of the Business?

NEW YEAR. More thoughts. January 2, 2014

Those questions had to have been rhetorical. It already has been stated that a family consists of “people of all types; the good, the bad, the evil, the gorgeous, and the ugly”. No man intelligent enough to start and operate a successful business can  say all types of people are acceptable business representatives.

My mom always tells me, there’s four (4) types of people.

The whale. – wants to help other people and save the world.
The shark. – wants to win, make money, and is very competitive.
The dolphin. – wants to have fun and is very social.
The Urchin. – wants to analyze everything and hear details before acting.

In the event you choose to incorporate any and all family in your business plans, be smart, gather an understanding of the different types of people, and use them accordingly. If they fail, you fail, you made the poor decision in their placement. Like putting together an enormous puzzle, every piece counts and every piece has it’s perfect spot to be effective. Your puzzle is not complete without every piece simultaneously helping each other create the ‘big picture’. You may argue that in real life there are sacrifices, every ‘piece’ also isn’t always available. So let’s talk chess. The man behind the pieces on the board needs a full understanding of his surroundings at all times. He needs to be able to know the difference between his Knight and his Rook. He needs to know what’s most valuable for his plan in the long run, and remain prepared for any unplanned sacrifices as he proceeds to protect his King (the business) until any opposing obstacle is no longer a issue. Coming back to reality, every man/woman can’t be your accountant but, every man/woman has something they are useful for when they apply themselves. Your pieces, your team, and your family when accepted into your business, are all assets that need the same chore goal to reach success.

Granted you give a family member the opportunity to work for your business, your new recruit process should solidify that family member have a full understanding of the purpose and goals of the business. No different than any other new employee. Also, no different than any other new employee, that family member should maintain corporation standards and bylaws their entire duration of employment. Otherwise, immediate dismissal is in order. Given multiple opportunity, family or not, people tend to abuse the weak and/or kind hearted. Business is business. Handle It.

Happy New Year, by the way.

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