28 Flank Rd

We proudly present to you the ’28 Flank Rd Official Mixtape’ by Star-Frame Music Group, The AlleGentz production team, and DJ BDS. The all original project features lyrics and beats produced, written, recorded, and mastered by Skit Fury and Marlobeatz of The AlleGentz and Star-Frame Music Group. The talented duo has accumulated a total of nineteen (19) tracks for the mixed cd hosted by DJ BDS, with a Deluxe Edition featuring four (4) additional tracks not featured on the Official Mixtape. The Deluxe Edition is available at your favorite digital download store, including iTunes and Amazon.com.

We expect so much in the near future from the Star-Frame empire that the fact that the 28 Flank Rd Official Album already has 20+ prospective tracks does not cease to amaze us. When graced with the presence of DJ BDS and The AlleGentz, it may seem as if there is a never ending work clock hovering over the young men or a battery pack is plugged in their backs with creativity and success being the only nouns programmed to memory.

Example you say?

We can arrive at the 28 Flank Rd headquarters on a Tuesday about 8:30pm and find Skit Fury finishing up a new instrumental favoring an up beat party type of feel with two futuristic cool type beats already completed. Marlobeatz enters after a long day of fieldwork, plays back three beats he created that morning and as a team, the men produce two more beats for their catalog. Testing their creativity and diversity every time. Granted it is now maybe 10:31pm, approaching a studio appointment from a local artist at 11pm, and the eighth completed beat of the day, someone in the room can’t help but express their lyrical creativity. This more than always results in a full song written and instrumental exported for use by Star-Frame Music Group. 11:00pm hits and for two solid hours, The AlleGentz production team goes to work on an all original song for the local artist. They hear the artist’s idea, build a beat, help the artist polish the song layout, export the beat, let the artist choose another beat, record two songs, mix down two songs to near mastered quality, and let the excited artist plan his next move. It’s now 1:00am, the night is far from over. Star-Frame Music Group proceeds with writing a new song and then recording and mixing down the new song just written, in addition to the earlier planned song. After mixing, comes mastering, after mastering, comes another new beat before surfing the web for some social networking and the next thing you know it’s 4:20am. After touching up the now 11th instrumental of the day, The AlleGentz take time to recharge. It’s 5:00am and DJ BDS, meanwhile, takes the steering wheel with track-list planning, mix editing, promotions, and graphic design tasks until the point of ‘crash’ arrives. Let’s say today’s crash time was about 7:00am. 8:00am Marlobeatz is back up and killing time creating beats before hitting the field for another long day of work. By 9:30am DJ BDS is back working on the exact same thing he crashed while creating until Skit Fury returns to the studio with ideas, tasks, and beats to get out his system. The cycle then continues into Wednesday night, Thursday, etc., etc.

This has gone on Day after Day for two years now with the only dramatic changes being a different type of productive adventure. Not to mention, Skit Fury and Marlobeatz are not the only artists gracing the Star-Frame Music Group library. It’s time to get these guys out there!With this post, all we ask is that you take the time to check out why we are so damn excited. Ha Ha! 28 FLANK RD IS HERE!!!