In just 5 easy steps, you can be partnered with The BDS Company, BigBsBds, Inc. and on your way to a new successful venture.

Step 1

You have an idea and it involves social atmospheres, one or more forms of the performing arts, or general promotion to the urban media market.

Step 2

You contact The BDS Company and let your idea begin to grow.

Step 3

You receive notification of your private meeting or scheduled phone conference with Gregg “Papii” W. for a consulting session in regards to the topics you choose to generate.

Step 4

Needed services are established and you come to a contract agreement with our CEO/Owner, Gregg “Papii” W.

Step 5

Provide your end of financial and/or servicing necessities to allow our company to move forward with the contract agreements.

What are you thinking?

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