4 thoughts on “BDS Thought Of The Day

  1. FEB.22,2015 — Last night I was told that “BDS Thought of the Day” sounds like there should be a thought posted everyday. I’m sure not going to promise I’ll post a thought everyday, but I’ll tell you that today’s thought settles on the fact that I am fully faithful in the eventual outcome of my goals and endeavors despite today’s living situations. I have faith. I have ambition. -papiibds

  2. FEB.24,2015 – Let’s make today a good day. I remember spending yesterday’s morning, noon, and afternoon ripping and running, unsuccessfully retrieving the morning’s goals. Instead of crumbling under pressure, I regroup and keep pushing until other duties call for my attention.

    Other duties, yesterday, refers to teaching 3 Hip-Hop dance classes to the toddlers and youth of Ettrick, Virginia. Inspiring those kids to work harder in preparation of their upcoming dance recital completely omitted all negative thoughts of the day. All smiles.

    Today I’m going to do “The same thing we try to do every night, …try to take over the world!”

  3. Have you ever isolated yourself from the world, came up with a plan and set of goals, then aggressively followed through with all of your life plans? If you are still living and said “YES”, you haven’t set enough goals.

    I’m blessed. Don’t sleep.


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